USS-USS Communication & Integration

This video showcases multiple UAS Service Suppliers (USS) communicating with each other for safe flights and how public safety personnel can implement a “no fly zone” of airspace, in the case of an emergency where a public safety drone is being deployed.

USS to USS communication is a key component in the development of a UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system, being developed at the New York UAS Test Site in Rome, New York.

UAS Traffic Management (UTM)

There are a number of technologies that will be needed to safely integrate drones into the national airspace such as Remote ID, Detect and Avoid, Vehicle to Vehicle communications and Obstacle Avoidance. This demonstration was done in downtown Rome, New York during a farmer’s market event to showcase UAS traffic management capabilities in an urban setting.

Testing being completed at the New York UAS Test Site in Rome, NY is helping to develop a universal UAS Traffic Management (UTM) System.

Remote ID

This video showcases multiple Remote ID solutions from partners that are integrated into the New York UAS Test Site. Remote ID is like a “license plate” for a drone, which allows public safety personnel the ability to identify a drone in the air, who’s flying it and physically where that person is piloting the aircraft.

This is another key technology being developed at the NY UAS Test Site, which will help deal with “rouge” drones flying in unauthorized areas.


New York’s 50-mile UAS UTM/BVLOS Corridor includes USS support, simulation capabilities, secure data collection & more!