Durability & Reliability Testing – Extreme Weather

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NUAIR acts as an independent third party to validate your product to current standards and your means of compliance, providing the expertise and testing environment required to generate the data for your type certificate data sheet and flight hours you need for your type certificate.

New York has a wide array of weather throughout the year, fully experiencing all four seasons from frigid, below freezing temperatures to high 90 degree weather, high wind gusts, rain and record-breaking snowfalls.

NUAIR conducts UAS testing all-year round at the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site and can put your system through the most extreme environmental situations to validate your product.

Winter Drone Testing at NY UAS Test Site
C2 Winter Testing

UAS Durability & Reliability (ASTM F3478-20)

Average Weather Conditions

Rome - Average Temperature
Rome - Average Snowfall
Rome - Average Rainfall

D&R applicants can conduct their Type Certificate (TC) compliance flight testing under Part 107, Part 91 (SAC-EC under show compliance), or 44807 exemptions. D&R applicants will need to have their unmanned aircraft (UA) conformed under the TC project (by the FAA) prior to starting compliance flight testing. All flight hours accumulated on the UA prior to its FAA conformity inspection under the TC project will not be credited for D&R hours.