Implement a Drone Program Into Your Business Operations!

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, can and are being used by public and private organizations to complete meaningful work. The challenge for organizations is to figure out how to integrate the unmanned aircraft safely, cost effectively & within the current regulatory framework. NUAIR offers business consulting services to help organizations implement their UAS program.

Drones Can Be Used In:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Departments

  • Emergency Management

  • Search & Rescue

  • Power Companies:
    Electric, Gas, Solar, Wind

  • Wild Life Conservation


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We have a vested interest in ensuring UAS end-users implement a safe & effective UAS program that provides a measurable benefit to their organization.


Drones can be used in a variety of situations to gather intel without putting an officer at risk

Policeman holding drone controller
  • Search & Rescue

  • Crime Scene 3D Mapping

  • Aerial Reconnaissance

  • Accident Reconstruction


Get real-time footage from the air of an on going emergency or assess damage after an event

Remnants of a house fire
  • Identify the size of a fire, hot spots and potential areas that could cause it to spread

  • Search for hazardous materials or other potential dangers that could put emergency personnel at risk

  • Help with search and rescue operations and overall emergency management at a scene

  • Document the scene after an event


Solar companies have a wide range of uses that can cut out at least 60% of the planning & inspection time

Solar Panels
  • Map out a plan for solar panel construction with 3D modeling

  • Inspect solar panels with a thermal camera to easily detect a faulty panel due to hotspots being emitted from the panel

  • Inspections with a regular camera can show physical faults with the solar panels such as a break or loose equipment


A drone program can be a huge asset to a construction company working on large projects

Construction Site Aerial View
  • Map out a worksite with 3D modeling and work through CAD to efficiently plan out a work site

  • Update clients on the progress of a project with 3D imaging/mapping or aerial photos

  • Inspect specific aspects of a project for proper completion and safety concerns


Inspect miles of gas/electric lines at a fraction of the time & resources needed for manual inspections

Drone Inspecting Power Lines
  • Inspect power lines for physical faults such as a loose nut or rusted equipment in regular imaging or use thermal imaging to identify hotspots on powerlines/poles/towers that could mean an internal fault of the line or equipment

  • Use during/after a natural disaster to quickly survey where power lines are down and dispatch crews to the needed areas

  • Inspect underground gas lines with a thermal camera and identify hotspots which can indicate a leak in the gas line

From small public entities to fortune 500 companies, NUAIR can provide guidance and direct assistance to incorporate UAS into an organization’s daily business operations. The NUAIR consulting process focuses on the business use-case from the beginning. Once the benefits to the organization are identified, NUAIR experts work side-by-side with the client through program development, platform selection, training, implementation and ongoing support.