NUAIR actively seeks New York State agencies looking to save time, money, and resources by utilizing drone technology

(SYRACUSE, NY) – NUAIR is dedicated to the continued adoption of drone technology by New York State agencies and has fortified its partnership with DRONERESPONDERS to expedite the integration of drone technology into public safety and state agency operations. NUAIR provides organizations the tools and knowledge to integrate and conduct advanced drone operations while DRONERESPONDERS focuses on aerial first responders and emergency managers, helping them learn, train and fly in emergency situations. Their combined efforts will help move New York State into a new age of technological advancement and economic efficiency.

State agency adoption of drone technology across the United States continues to rise as states begin to see how drones are making operations more efficient. In New York, NUAIR has already helped more than 25 state, county and local agencies implement their drone programs.  The public safety realm continues to utilize drones for search and rescue, accident reconstruction, firefighting assistance and more. In these uncertain times, when resources are sparse, NUAIR and DRONERESPONDERS are fortifying their partnership to fast-track state agency drone adoption to ease financial burdens and free-up state resources.

“We have helped multiple public safety organizations implement their drone programs, providing us with unique insight into their specific needs,” said Ken Stewart, chief executive officer of NUAIR. “Our partnership with DRONERESPONDERS will lead to more public safety and state agency drone programs being implemented faster, leading to significant cost savings to the state and more efficient services to its residents.”

DRONERESPONDERS has over 3,800 members from across public safety disciplines, government organizations, nonprofits, academia, and industry with participation from 48 countries. Their extensive online drone resource center provides members with training aids and videos, regulation updates, and other resources tailored specifically for the needs of public safety drone operations.

“NUAIR is the perfect partner for organizations looking to explore and test new drone technologies that can be integrated into public safety and state agency operations,” said chief Charles Werner (ret.), director and founder of DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance. “Organizations quickly see enhanced safety and operational effectiveness, real time situational awareness, and other efficiencies after integrating drones into their daily operations.”

In addition to public safety organizations utilizing drones, multiple Department of Transportation and other infrastructure agencies are benefitting from the significant cost savings drones provide. These organizations are using drones for costly, routine maintenance of infrastructure including bridges, roads, stockpiles and more. States are realizing not only do drones help decrease operational costs, but they also have a positive economic impact on the region.

Shutting down lanes of traffic for hours for a bridge inspection is time consuming and can cost the local economy tens-of-thousands of dollars due to the traffic delays. That same inspection could be done with a drone more quickly, remove the need to redirect traffic, and increase the overall safety to motorists and inspectors. In a time when resources are slim, states are looking for new and more efficient ways to utilize their resources, and many are finding that drones are the answer.

NUAIR and DRONERESPONDERS are actively seeking organizations looking for safe, cost-effective solutions to increase operational efficiency. Contact NUAIR to learn more about how drones can positively affect your organization.



NUAIR (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance, Inc.) is a New York based nonprofit organization that provides unsurpassed expertise in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations, aeronautical research, safety management and consulting services. Headquartered in Syracuse, NUAIR manages operations of the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY, one of just seven FAA-designated UAS test sites in the United States and is responsible to the FAA and NASA to conduct operations for UAS and advanced air mobility (AAM) eVTOL testing. NUAIR is responsible for the continued development and advancement of New York’s AAM Proving Grounds and 50-mile UAS corridor between Syracuse and Rome, facilitating beyond visual line of sight testing, commercial operations, and the safe integration of UAS and eVTOLS into the national airspace. Visit to learn more.

About DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance

DRONERESPONDERS is the world’s leading and award-winning nonprofit program supporting public safety UAS. The DRONERESPONDERS mission is to facilitate preparedness, response, resilience and to advance the adoption of unmanned aircraft systems and related technologies operated by public safety, emergency management, and non-governmental volunteer organizations around the world. The DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating program of AIRT, Inc. For more information on DRONERESPONDERS, visit: