New platform by AiRXOS helps streamline public safety drone operations to help agencies fly faster and respond quicker in emergency situations.

AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, a partner of NUAIR, recently announced the commercial availability of an advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) solution for public safety agencies. To help spur the adoption and integration of UAS (drones) by New York State agencies, NUAIR has covered the cost of a year’s subscription to AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution for 23 NYS public safety agencies and seeks to help more.

New York State agencies got their first taste of the AiRXOS platform during NUAIR’s New York UAS Public Safety Fly-In, held in October of 2019. The event, held at the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) in Oriskany, NY, brought in over 100 public safety officials from across New York State to fly their drones in mock emergency scenarios, learn from each other and test out the AiRXOS application.

Monroe County Sheriff Drone

Monroe County Sheriff prepares his drone for flight at the 2019 New York UAS Public Safety Fly-In

AiRXOS continued to roll out their solution throughout 2020 in a pilot environment and currently has over 200 public safety agencies across the United States using the solution. The AiRXOS Public Safety UAS Solution provides a comprehensive, single-source platform with built-in safety and operational tools that allow public safety agencies to fly quickly and safely with full situational awareness of manned and unmanned operations.

AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution brings together a set of capabilities that reside on AiRXOS’ Air Mobility™ Platform and include:

  • Full Situational Awareness Command Center
    Provides a 360-degree view of manned and unmanned activity in near real-time, as well as the ability to overlay department critical data layers into one picture. When combined with high definition video streaming, operators can quickly assess situations remotely and deploy resources faster with increased efficiency.
  • Automated Submission of Waivers, Exemptions, COAs, SGIs, and LAANC
    Quickly obtain the necessary approvals needed for controlled and uncontrolled airspace operations.
  • Automated Airspace Advisories
    Quickly authenticate users, create and distribute airspace advisories, and push those advisories out to the media, public, and other agencies as needed.
  • Integrated Video Streaming and Remote Collaboration
    Highly secure UAS and iOT streaming solution proven and tested to ensure low latency and high definition with instant access needed for time-critical operations. Streaming video and telemetry from UAS, robots, and iOS devices in near real-time.

AiRXOS Airspace

AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS solution, available as both a mobile application and web-based solution, helps eliminate the need for multiple applications and labor-intensive flight authorizations, as well as improves airspace visibility and compliance tracking.

“AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution is the latest innovation based on our longstanding work with the FAA, Public Safety agencies, and our partner ecosystem,” says Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS. “Public Safety agencies want and need flexible, easy-to-use tools that deliver compliance expertise, broad visibility, and provide enough support to do their job quickly and efficiently – helping reduce costs and risks, and in some instances, help save lives. We deliver on that with our new Public Safety UAS Solution.”

“Our partnership with AiRXOS and supporting their Public Safety UAS Solution compliments NUAIR’s NYFLY program,” said Tony Basile, chief operations officer at NUAIR. “NYFLY is a New York UAS public-private partnership program developed to spur the adoption of UAS into state and local government operations to help solve problems and increase effectiveness and efficiency of operations.”

The NYFLY program is open to all New York State agencies looking to enhance their operations including public safety, the energy sector (powerline, pipeline, windmill inspections), environmental conservation and more. NUAIR has helped over 25 state, county and local municipality emergency responders implement UAS programs. Any New York State agency currently using drones, thinking of implementing drones into their organization or are interested in the AiRXOS solution are encouraged to reach out to NUAIR.