Advancing UAS Traffic Management Solutions and Services to New York State Agencies

Looking for best-in-class technology and functionality, AiRXOS partners with NUAIR and New York UAS Test Site for advanced unmanned aircraft operations.

(SYRACUSE, NY) – NUAIR and The New York UAS Test Site joins AiRXOS as an industry-leading partner, helping to scale and accelerate the adoption of safe and compliant unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) solutions. AiRXOS recently announced the expansion of their Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem with the addition of 11 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology, service, and business partners, including NUAIR. New partnership advances the safe integration of unmanned aircraft, also known as “drones”, into the manned airspace and the adoption of UAS technology by New York State agencies.

A traffic management system is being developed to support unmanned aircraft, much like the air traffic management system currently in place for manned aircraft. NUAIR has been leading this effort at the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site, within New York’s 50-mile UAS corridor, which spans from Rome to Syracuse, NY. The radars and advanced technologies integrated into the 50-mile corridor were installed specifically to facilitate advanced UAS (drone) operations, including an unmanned traffic management system. In order to keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe, clear, precise and constant communication between manned and unmanned aircraft needs to be developed, established, and implemented.

“Partnering with AiRXOS complements and enhances the UTM capabilities and research that we’ve been conducting in Central New York at the New York UAS Test Site and 50-mile UAS corridor,” said Michael Hertzendorf, chief executive officer of NUAIR. “Together, we will accomplish our collective goal of the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace by helping to build a universal UTM system.”

“We strongly believe in the power of strategic partnerships to support the innovation, value, and growth of advanced UAS operations,” said Kenneth Stewart, chief executive officer of AiRXOS. “Every industry leading partner we bring into the Air Mobility Platform brings another layer of value, expertise, and function to our customers and we are pleased to become strategic partners with NUAIR and The New York UAS Test Site.”

AiRXOS provides a number of applications to support commercial UAS operations, including their Air Mobility Platform which was used at NUAIR’s “New York UAS Public Safety Fly-In” last October. The platform provided New York State public safety officials a quick and easy way to submit for LAANC approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. LAANC stands for “Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability” and is a system developed by the FAA that allows drone operators to gain automated access to fly within controlled airspace.

Monroe County Sheriff Drone

Monroe County Sheriff prepares his drone for flight at the 2019 New York UAS Public Safety Fly-In

Continuing its efforts to be a key asset to New York State, NUAIR continues to help State agencies implement drones into their organizations to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. NUAIR recently announced their partnership with DroneResponders, the world’s fastest growing nonprofit program supporting the use of UAS by public safety and emergency services professionals. Partnering with AiRXOS and DroneResponders will accelerate the adoption of drone technology within the public safety sector.


Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) is a New York based nonprofit organization that provides unsurpassed expertise in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations, aeronautical research, safety management and consulting services. Headquartered in Syracuse, NUAIR manages operations of the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY, one of just seven FAA-designated UAS test sites in the United States, which is responsible to the FAA and NASA to conduct operations for UAS testing. NUAIR is responsible for the continued development and advancement of New York’s 50-mile UAS corridor between Syracuse and Rome, facilitating beyond visual line of sight testing, commercial operations, and the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace. Visit to learn more.

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