TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, we’re inviting public safety personnel from across the state to join us at the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) in Oriskany for a full day of learning, networking and drone flying. NUAIR has teamed up with New York State public safety officials to provide an open venue for public safety personnel to learn from each other and practice their drone-flying capabilities.

Observe and learn or bring your own drone equipment and come learn from fellow public safety drone pilots! We will have 4 different scenarios setup, each manned with leading New York State drone pilots to guide you through each scenario and show you the most effective way to utilize a drone in each situation.

Scenarios include indoor/outdoor flights, thermal camera use, hazmat gas sensors, payload deployment, smoke machines, autonomous flight, mapping, search & rescue and more!

Don’t have a drone, but are interested in drone technologies and thinking about implementing them into your daily operations? Great! Come observe live flights and learn how other public safety personnel have included drones into their arsenal of tools.

  • Learn and share, fly or observe in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow public safety individuals.
  • No sales pitches, no obligations, just fellow public safety officials learning and sharing their experiences implementing drones into their operations.
  • Bring your own UAS (drone) equipment to fly multiple public safety UAS scenarios with some of New York State’s leading UAS pilots.**Must bring valid Part 107 certified pilot certificate or Agency COA in order to fly

The event is FREE, open to all New York State Public Safety Officials and lunch will be provided. Because we want to make sure everyone has ample time to fly each scenario, registration is limited, so don’t hesitate, Register Today!

Thank you to the many New York Public Safety personnel that have helped us make this event a reality including: Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Syracuse Fire Department, Scotia Fire Department, NYSP, FDNY, Washington County Public Safety and Colonie Police Department.


Coty Vann – cvann@nuair.org | 518-572-9395

Lee Bormann – Leon.Bormann@albanycountyny.gov | 518-487-5435